• 3nights at the hotel in Tashkent
  • Sightseeing to Charvak and Chimgan Mountains
  • Tashkent city tour with entries to museums, monuments etc.
  • Visit to Aqua Park.
  • All 3 Day Performances with Hard Drinks and soft drink during dinners

Tashkent residents have all the reasons to be proud of their Mustakillik Maidoni (‘Independence Square’), which is another city’s attraction.

Wide granite stairs coming up between the cascades of 7-meter-high squirts of the fountains lead to a huge colonnade that in an arc-form manner flanks the square in the east. The 16 white marble columns with capitals in the form of the traditional sharafa-stalactites are spanned with silvery metal roof decorated with sculptures of storks. Since ancient times in Uzbekistan these birds are believed to symbolize peace and tranquility.


The amazing beauty Charvak of reservoir located irresistably attracts all in 2 hours of driving from Tashkents, to itself by magic kinds of mountain landscapes reflected whether in transparent blue of the sky whether in crystal water. And summer here it is wonderful to arrive to have a rest from metropolitan heat, to do some flying on hang-glider, to drive on a boat, skuter or catamaran, to look on history rock figures, eat of fragrant curative honey in a famous village Brichmulla and, certainly and swim in cleanest mountain water.


Samarkand is the second largest city of Uzbekistan and is of the same age as Rome, Athens and Babylon- more than 25 centuries old. Ancient Arab manuscripts refer to it as the “Gem of the East”, Europeans called it the “The Land of Scientists”. A majestic and beautiful city, Samarkand is the city of legends. When Alexander the Great first time saw Samarkand, he exclaimed “ I heard that the city was beautiful but never thought that it could be so beautiful and majestic”.


Uzbekistan's “Living Museum” was the former capital of the Khanate and legend says that it was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. we will stop near the "gate" of Amur Temur - where two mountain ranges meet. Here is an pportunity to photograph the two great mountain ranges of Uzbekistan and see the ancient river stream.


Visit this magnificent structure built by the russians. Another huge communications tower. Some are very famous, Toronto, Seattle, Sidney, but this one is not very well known. It's worth to visit it.

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